Gawker’s Interview with BuzzFeed is Awful

We made it halfway through before jumping ship.

Gawker-BuzzfeedGawker’s J.K. Trotter conducted an interview with BuzzFeed’s CEO Jonah Peretti and editor Ben Smith, and the result was one giant mess. The idea behind the interview was great — Trotter exposed BuzzFeed for deleting posts that upset BuzzFeed advertisers. This would’ve been a chance for Peretti and Smith to explain themselves. Instead, the interview is a pile of garbage trash.

Go ahead and try to read through the entire “lightly edited” exchange. It is awful in every way. The rare moments when there are complete sentences, they don’t even make sense. Trotter, Peretti and Smith jump around from topic to topic. At times, it feels like you’re on the outside of an extensive, inside joke. Speaking of length, the interview is way too long. God bless the poor souls who read the entire thing; they know not what they do.

Obviously Gawker thought that publishing the exchange in its original form provided more transparency, but interviews are edited for a reason. The Trotter, Peretti and Smith discussion will remind you why. Several times over.

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