Gawker Writers Seeking Unionization

Good for them.

Gawker Media’s writers are discussing forming a union. In a post announcing the news, senior writer Hamilton Nolan said several staffers from across Gawker Media’s network met with the Writers Guild of New York to discuss the process.

Motivation for forming a union, according to Nolan, include the following factors:

A union is also the only real mechanism that enables employees to join together to bargain collectively, rather than as a bunch of separate, powerless entities. This is useful in good times (which our company enjoys now), and even more in bad times (which will inevitably come).

We would like to ensure everyone receives a salary that is fair for their time at the company and the work they do. We would like to ensure that things like pay and raises are set in a fair, transparent, and unbiased way. We would like to have some basic mechanism for giving employees a voice in the decisions that affect all of us here.

As journalism has moved online and flourished over the past 20 years or so, union workplaces have become much more rare in our industry. Gawker Media would be the first major online media company to organize. That is something that everyone at this company—employees, management, and owners alike—could be proud of.