Gawker Writer Apologizes to Those Who Think N-Word is Offensive

Last night Kanye West went on a Twitter rant for almost two hours about a variety of things (The Jetsons got a mention!), most notably his declaration that he was going to launch a company called DONDA. Donda, as most people know, was the name of West’s mother, who died suddenly due to complications from plastic surgery in 2007.

One of those people who probably — hopefully? — didn’t know that, was Gawker writer Seth Abramovitch, who wrote a post summarizing West’s tweets. In that article, he thought using the n-word would somehow be funny.

“DONDA will be your everything,” wrote Abramovitch. “Just you wait and see. And what is DONDA? It’s an acronym for Dis Original N***a Dresses Aight.” We added the asterisks. Hilarious joke, right? Nothing causes guffaws quite like a white guy calling a black guy the n-word!

Of course no one really got Abramovitch’s humor, so he issued a non-apology apology:

DONDA is actually the name of Kanye’s deceased mother, not the acronym above, which was meant to be the kind of thing Kanye would make up in a late-night creative writing fit, but has offended many people. So sorry, to everyone who was offended, and for the confusion. Sorries all around!

Yes, sorry to all of you who are offended by offensive language. Everyone else? Stay tuned for more laughs!