Gawker Staff Remains Quiet on Outing Post

When Gawker isn't talking about Gawker, you know something is up.

For the most part, Gawker staffer have had nothing to say on Twitter about the Jordan Sargent piece that cruelly outed a married executive.

Sargent hasn’t tweeted since posting the link to the item. Editor Max Read hasn’t added to last night’s childish take.

Senior writer Adam Weinstein, who openly voiced his displeasure with the post, hasn’t updated either.

JK Trotter, who regularly attacks BuzzFeed for its lack of ethics, took a page from Read’s handbook and acted like he didn’t know what everyone was talking about.

Features editor Leah Finnegan seemed to think those who questioned the piece were being uncool. Or something. We’re not even really sure what her reaction was supposed to mean. She probably doesn’t either.

Then there’s boss man Nick Denton. He too, has remained quiet.

Obviously someone—perhaps Denton himself—told Gawker writers not to tweet about the article. We feel confident saying that because lord knows no one likes talking about Gawker more than Gawker.

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