Gawker: Next Up, Cucumber Season

Over at Gawker Nick Denton is reporting that page views for the site are 108% ahead of the level they were at at the end of last year. Many will remember that Gawker suffered a much talked about mass exodus late last fall with the successive departures of Alex Balk, Choire Sicha, Emily Gould, Josh Stein, and Doree Shafrir, causing many in the media world to wonder if Gawker’s day in the sun had finally come to a close.

At the time Denton did not seem all that fazed and these numbers seem to reinforce the fact that “the transformation of Gawker from cute blog to fully-fledged news site” has been a success. Or maybe it’s just a result of an increased number of posts per day. Or maybe they’ve just continued to showcase strong writers, though we have noticed a significant reduction in snark factor, so perhaps niceness(ish) is gaining popularity.