Gawker Launches Redesign, Readers Hate It

Gawker Media has revamped its website layout once again, and once again, readers are voicing their disapproval. For the record, we agree with the readers, the design sucks. However, it was changed because of that thing called money.

The most recent version of Gawker sites featured a lot of large images and space. The new look is much more dense, replacing the big photos — most of which were great — with smaller ones. The other big change is a box ad on the left side of the page, which sort of sticks out. Nick Denton, Gawker’s CEO, expects everyone to get used to it. “Viewability is increasingly important to advertisers,” he told Digiday. “And like it or not, the 300 x 250 is the most common ad on the web.”

Just like every other Gawker redesign, readers greeted the change with irrational anger.

One reader said the new Gawker was reminiscent of “the shitty website I made in freshman web design,” another person felt all caps was necessary and wrote “WTF GAWKER GET IT TOGETHER” and still another bluntly stated that “Every redesign you have done over the last few years has made the site worse.”

The good news is that Denton said in a memo that this version of Gawker would last through the end of next year. Of course that means 2015 is probably going to be f*cking crazy.