Gawker Hires Two Editors To Even Out Sexes | Suspect Convicted In Killing Times Reporter | CNN Nixes Bush Death Film Ad | Rush Limbaugh | Alex P. Keaton | Kurt Andersen | Fader


  • Emily Gould, Doree Shafrir: Hired as Gawker editor, associate editor, respectively. [Eat The Press]
  • Second Suspect: Convicted in killing of Times reporter. [NYT]
  • CNN, NPR: Refuse ads for controversial Bush death film. [Reuters via AOL]
  • Armstrong Williams: Paid pundit punishment not enough, says pol. [E&P]
  • LA Times Columnist Tim Rutten: Slaps Kurt Andersen for giving “silly advice.” [FishbowlLA]
  • Fader: Wins Folio‘s answer to an Ellie. [Folio]
  • Will Times Co.: Sell Boston Globe? [NYO]
  • Pardon Us For This Brief Bit Of French Editorializing: But Rush Limbaugh is an assh*le. [Washington Post]