Gawker Hires Branding Agency

Innovative innovations.

Gawker Media is having an identity crisis. Or maybe it just hasn’t felt like itself lately. Or sometimes, it just wants to be held. Whatever it is that’s going on, Nick Denton believes that Redscout — a branding agency — can help.

Ad Age reports that Gawker hired Redscout last summer. It’s unclear exactly what the agency is doing for Gawker, but perhaps a marketing campaign will be coming soon.

If that’s the case, we cannot wait. Redscout — which has worked with clients like AmEx, Lay’s and Kate Spade — said this of their work with Gatorade:

Based on our insights, Redscout created innovation platforms for Gatorade and developed a 5-year innovation pipeline. The first new innovation from these efforts was the G Series – a line of products designed to help athletes achieve their best before, during and after performance.

F*ck. Redscout dropped “innovation platforms” and “innovation pipeline” on us.

What do those phrases even mean? We have no clue! But here’s the thing — neither does anyone else. And yet Redscout keeps getting hired by companies. Sounds… Innovative.