Gawker Doubles Number of Black Staffers with Cord Jefferson

Cord Jefferson’s first day as Gawker’s west coast contributing editor generated some breaking (and obvious) news – – Cord Jefferson is black and diversity hasn’t been a priority in the past for the website:

One other note: I’m going to be only the second black person with a full-time salary at Gawker in its nearly 10-year history (the first is Caity Weaver, who is half black). I’m actually pretty excited about that fact, and I know from talking to a few of my new colleagues that they are, also. I don’t think this means you should expect Gawker to drastically change its overall coverage and voice, but I do think it’s important to acknowledge that the people who complained about the Gawker masthead’s dearth of color weren’t complaining to deaf ears. And now that I’m here, I’m not going to stop until this place is as black as Obama’s cabinet, which is to say just a little bit more black.

While his race should have been obvious to everyone outside of Stevie Wonder (though I do get mistaken for Dominican in parts of New York), what nobody knew was Jefferson is only the second black staffer at Gawker in  their 10-year (!) history.

That’s remarkable/scary/hilarious all rolled into one.

Black people do indeed read Gawker (even though for years Richard Lawson ignored the Real Housewives of Atlanta) so it’s only fair to expect at least one or two black people on staff. On behalf of your black audience, thanks for finally throwing us a bone, Gawker.

Good luck, Cord.

[H/T LA Observed]