Gawker Continues its Assault on Frank Bruni

For some reason, some of Gawker’s writers absolutely hate Frank Bruni, the New York Times columnist. The site has labeled him as one of “10 people who should quit media,” someone who once wrote “the most boring story ever told” and more. Is his writing that bad or is there maybe some jealousy involved? Hahaha! There’s no way it would be the latter! That would just be… Well, anyway.

Today at Gawker, John Cook has some more choice words for Bruni’s recent work, in which Bruni tells the story of a doctor friend who performs an abortion on a pro life activist who has intensely protested outside of the doctor’s office. Cook thinks it’s too good to be true, and asks a bunch of questions like how the pro-lifer could have slipped past her protesting friends and why the protestor chose the same clinic she frequently attacked to have the procedure.

Then, as if to really catch Bruni spreading a tall tale, Cook cites numerous examples of the same kind of “doctor performs abortion on pro-lifer stories” that he finds. “Amazing, isn’t it, how frequently this Platonically ideal circumstance for exposing the callous hypocrisy of one’s political foes pops up, with no way to verify or double-check?” writes Cook.

Call us crazy, but doesn’t the fact that there are many examples to be found of this story seem to indicate that it, uh, happens all the time? That couldn’t be it, though, because this is Bruni we’re talking about, and Gawker knows that he is terrible.

Perhaps Gawker’s writers and Bruni should get together and hash out their feelings once and for all. Hugs not hate, everyone. Oh, and please call us if you need a mediator. We’ll bring the Nag Champa.