Gawker Changes Commenting System (Again), Commenters Go Crazy (Again)

What is it like to be a Gawker commenter? FishbowlNY honestly wants to know. Is it as difficult as it seems? How long, on average, do they spend per day thinking up the perfect thing to say that no one will ever care about? And when Gawker tweaks its commenting system — like it did today, again — do they seriously care as much as they act like they do? Because good lord. Being a Gawker commenter sounds insanely difficult.

One user demanded that he be presented with the person who implemented the changes:

What the f*ck is this? They’ve actually managed to make it even worse than the last atrocity? Honestly, who is responsible for this?

He wants answers! Honestly! He wants honest answers!

Another commenter announced his departure in light of the changes:

Can anyone suggest an alternate site? The best part of this site was the comments and now this is useless.

It might be weeks from now, but when that person does find another website to visit, their days of commenting on Gawker are over.

Another user had some harsh — yet absolutely necessary! — tips for Gawker:

Here’s some advice: If you have to *explain* how to use your commenting system then maybe you should go back to the drawing board. Commenting should feel intuitive/effortless. It shouldn’t require a manual. Geez.

Geez indeed.