Gawker Reports, Internet Roars

CNN Breaking News... for Dummies.

Brendan O’Connor works weekends at Gawker. And right now, he’s also being thoroughly worked over.


Picking up on a breaking news trail involving Cecil the Lion’s brother Jericho, who it now appears may well be fine, O’Connor found it necessary to clarify in his lede that Jericho is “also a lion.” In the article comments, he has tried to save face with the reply: ‘Just clarifying!’ (What he really means is: ‘Too late to delete… Dammit, Twitter!’)

Granted, on a scale of one to Condé Nast, this little flourish – flippant or otherwise – is about a three. However, for a place that just heralded its plans for a “summer of peace, stability and quiet,” dog-days-of-summer blowback is definitely not what the spirit animal doctor ordered.

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