Gavony Studios Releases Dessert Dream on Facebook

Dessert DreamThe world of food-themed match-three puzzle games has become a bit more crowded with the release of Gavony Studio’s Dessert Dream on Facebook. The level-based game asks players to swap the locations of baked goods to complete specific goals, and includes the social and power-up features we’ve come to expect from the genre.

In each level of Dessert Dream, players are presented with a different board, level goal and move limit. One level may ask players to collect a large number of a single symbol, like apple pies, while another level may challenge players to collect large groups of two or three symbols, like donuts and cupcakes, and so on. Levels become more complicated over time, and introduce elements like rock candies, which must be cleared by making matches next to them, as an example.Dessert DreamInstead of a power-up system that relies on making matches of four-or-more symbols, in Dessert Dream, gamers trigger the formation of powers by making multiple matches with the same type of symbol, one right after another. For example, making two matches with purple cupcakes results in a star power, which gives the player bonus points. Making three matches with the same pastry type results in a bomb that clears multiple symbols from the board, and so on. These items are activated by simply clicking on them.

As players complete levels, they’ll also have the opportunity to purchase special power-ups before each level. One may add additional moves to the stage, while another adds ice cream scoops to the board, as examples. These ice cream scoops remove all symbols in at least one row or column from the board. It’s worth noting these scoops can also be formed by making four or more individual matches with the same symbol, as part of the system mentioned above.

At the end of each level, players earn up to three stars, depending on their final score. Gamers can also see how they stack up against their friends on level-specific leaderboards.

Dessert Dream is available to play for free on Facebook.

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