Gavin to Russert: Let’s Curl

It’s the equivalent of challenging a man to a duel. Someone steals anything, your wife, your car, your Game Changer feature, what else to do but challenge that man to a game of curling?

NBC’s Luke Russert took to the field for a “Game Change-ish” feature this week with Olympic softball pitcher Jenny Finch. She pitched him 10 pitches for charity. She struck him out 10 times. He will be donating $1,000 to the charity of her choice.

This was Politico’s Patrick Gavin’s challenge tweet to Russert last night:

“Since 10 folks said @RussertXM_NBC istole my Game Changer thunder, I say, Luke, will you accept a curling challenge? @WillieGeist1 say yes!”

We’ll keep you posted on whether Russert accepts Gavin’s challenge. It just might happen. With Gavin seeking MSNBC Willie Geist’s support (as noted above) Gavin might land the challenge considering he appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning with Geist.