This Week’s Gavin Smith Scoop Belongs to E! News

In March, Melanie Bromley moved over from the position of west coast editor with Us Weekly to the ranks of E! News. One of the stories this senior news correspondent has been concentrating on is the baffling disappearance of Fox executive Gavin Smith. Yesterday, with help from colleague Baker Machado, she shared the case’s latest journalistic bombshell.

Exactly two weeks ago, LAPD detectives searched a Canoga Park home belonging to John and Chandrika Creech, carting away various items. According to Bromley and Machado’s sources, John is a previously convicted drug dealer back in jail as of yesterday while Chandrika is someone who has pursued an on, off, on extra-marital relationship with Smith:

Sources tell E! News that Smith, who has been missing since May 1 and is married with three children, had been having an affair with Chandrika.

“Chandrika and Gavin first met in 2008 in therapy,” a source tells E! News. “They had a relationship and in 2008, when Mr. Creech found out about it, he told his wife to stop it.” However, the source says Gavin and Chandrika started their relationship up again.

That’s likely because according to the E! report, although John and Chandrika have remained under the same roof, they are husband and wife in name only now, agreeing to each see other people. Could this case get any weirder? To read the full E! News article, click here.

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