Gavin Smith Disappearance Crosses the Three-Month Mark

Media coverage of the the mysterious May 1 disappearance of Fox distribution executive Gavin Smith has all but ceased. For those tracking the case, the first place to turn these days is usually son Evan’s Twitter account:

The website is not currently being updated and features a frustrating reader comments system that omits time-stamping, thus making it difficult to figure out which are the most recent contributions. NBCLA’s Patrick Healey filed a report last week about the case of a man whose home was searched in connection with the Smith disappearance, touching only peripherally on the matter.

In some, previous missing persons situations like this, the individual was not found in the rugged canyon areas of Los Angeles until fall, when foliage dissipates. Although there’s always the chance that Smith is alive, that still seems to be the most likely scenario; that he accidentally drove off the road.

Update – 08/03/12: A law enforcement official told Fox News that “foul play” is now being strongly considered.