Seven Months Later, Disappearance of Gavin Smith Remains an Excruciating Mystery

As we head into a rare, rainy weekend in LA, the mysterious disappearance of 20th Century Fox distribution executive Gavin Smith is set to cross the seven-month mark. With no signs that his baffling May 1 drive-to-nowhere will be solved any time soon.

FishbowlLA reached out to America’s Most Wanted to find out whether an October 12 segment about the case elicited any solid leads. We’ve also tried, without success at press time, to get comment from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective overseeing the investigation. If we hear back from either party, this item will be updated below.

The circumstances of Smith’s vanishing into thin air are as confounding as the deaths of Ronni Chasen and Natalie Wood (and, beyond LA, that of Natalee Holloway). With the big difference of course that there is no certainty at present that Smith, a one-time UCLA basketball star, has in fact perished.

Adding to the strangeness of the case is the mothballed nature of website Started by a family friend when the case first broke, it has not been updated for months. As such, the website offers an eerie echo of the case itself; a placeholder similarly frozen in earlier 2012 time.

We debated not writing an item at all today, given that we have no tangible new information to share. But since media coverage has dissipated at the AMW episode point, we felt it worthwhile to remind that Smith’s disappearance is reaching yet another excruciating milestone.

It must obviously be incredibly difficult for Smith’s wife, sister, children and other relatives to be marking another month of no news. Especially with Smith’s 58th birthday just around the corner December 10. We can only hope that LASD detectives are getting closer to proving out one of their theories.

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