Gavin Newsom Promises a Technology-Driven Program

As the current Lieutenant Governor of California reminds at the top of his Hollywood Reporter mini-essay, he had his own radio show when he was the mayor of San Francisco. He says he loved how the broadcast allowed him to relay snippets of workplace conversation and that his return to the media airwaves via Current TV was borne largely out a desire to repeat that experience.

Since his radio days, Newsom has become a much bigger fan and proponent of technological innovation. Something he wants to use to shape his Current TV program The Gavin Newsom Show:

We don’t want this to just be a once-a-week show that’s repeated twice other days… We’re coming up with what I hope will be, in very innovative ways, the ability to reach a large audience and create an important feedback mechanism. Some of my friends in the technology world will come up with interesting, creative ways, and we will experiment with these.

He’s not talking about a Tupac Shakur-like hologram that can run the show online the other six days of the week. Still, it sounds pretty intriguing, especially when you add the fact that Newsom has no interest in putting himself on top of another cable news network squawk box. “Frankly, I am getting a little bored with who is to blame,” he writes.

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