GASP! U.S. News’s Bedard Has What?

A picture of stink bugs at Bedard’s home.

Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. How about waking up to stink bugs infesting your home and your cars? This is what’s  been happening for the last two weeks to U.S. News & Word Report “Washington Whispers” Columnist Paul Bedard.

“We and my neighbors have vacuum cleaners dedicated to sucking up the critters,” Bedard explained to FishbowlDC this morning. “No kidding, it’s not a shocker to suck up 25 at a time in the house—several times a day. They get in any way they can.  …And when I stand in the garage it sounds like a helicopter landing zone as they buzz past.”

Beyond his garage, they creep into his cars.  “They get in the engine and door crevices of all our cars, and like to crawl into the doors through the little holes in the bottom that let water out,” he said.  “So I go to get my car yesterday at an underground lot in Georgetown and I see people walking widely around my car. The reason? All the bugs have crawled out from the engine and doors to bask in the wash of the light right above the car. Like 30-40 bugs. Yuck. We took our truck to the beach last week and they poured out the whole week. Worse, they like to walk and fly around when I’m driving.”

Bedard says if an accident happens, the bugs should be blamed. In a Facebook post this morning, he wrote, “Stink bugs do bite.”

The Whispers columnist, who says the bugs smell like cilantro, isn’t feeling so calm and quiet about it. “Calm? Are u nuts? I hate ’em, love to squish ’em and sound like the dad in the Christmas Story swearing at ’em,” he said, explaining that though the bugs are done procreating, they will last through winter.

Bedard Facebook posts from this morning…

Paul Bedard City folk freaking when they approach my car in an underground lot crawling with stinkbugs imported from NoVa. My gift to DC.

Paul Bedard don’t believe the press…stink bugs do bite (me) and they can jam your engine too. Musta had 200 nesting on mine and another 100 in the gas cap area waiting to go swimming.