Longtime Disney Staffer Launches FirstRun.TV

Gary Kleinman worked at Disney Studios for more than two decades, most recently as vice president of new media technology. Now, he’s hoping to leverage his expertise for a more independent minded content purveyor called FirstRun.TV.

Kleinman has created an embedded, Facebook-style community (TVPRODigies) through which he hopes to mine online indie gold. He’s also aiming to feed his weekly programming schedule via a production arm, StoryArc New Media, and sister site HybridSports.tv. Per today’s press release:

Kleinman notes that an alternative production approach was recently used on a new sitcom, The CYA, produced by StoryArc New Media. The series centers on an obsolete, hidden top secret agency–so top secret and so hidden–the government forgot it still exists today. “Four web episodes were shot using a Canon HD camera and Sony Vegas editing software,” he added. The CYA is now featured on FirstRun.tv.

Also fueling Kleinman’s attempts to create a little Hulu-balloo is horror spoof series Almost Scary, sports show Golf Rescue Squad, and sitcom Hard Liquor.