Wanderlust Media Adds Gary Busey to Roster of GPS Celebrity Voices

With offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, Wanderlust Media occupies a unique niche in the entertainment industry. It proudly bills itself as “the global leader in celebrity and branded voice content for the GPS navigation industry.”

There’s probably not a lot of competition in this vertical, but still, hats off to Wanderlust for nabbing such directional entertainment jesters as David Hasselfhoff, his car sidekick KITT, Mr. T, Flavor Flav, and now, Garey Busey for $6.95. The only surprise here is that the Celebrity Apprentice contestant beat Charlie Sheen to the dashboard deal.

Wanderlust is partnered on the GPS entertainment front with its Seattle subsidiary Navtones. There are roughly 60 different Busey soundbytes, including this one, which has been spun off as a Twitter PR hashtag:

“Hi, my name is Gary Busey and if you ever get bored, just honk at geese. Even though you don’t see any, just honk at them, like…I’ll give you an example – HOOOONK, HOOOONK, HOOOONK. I’m not bored, because I’m honking at geese.”

Maybe Gilbert Gottfried can be the next celeb to follow Busey’s lead. Seems like it could be a perfect, honk-at-ducks fit.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.