Take That’s Gary Barlow Joins Twitter Live On The X Factor, Gains 100,000 Followers In An Hour

In a testament both to the appeal of Twitter and the power of The X Factor brand, Take That frontman and UK X Factor judge Gary Barlow sent his first-ever tweet live on the show yesterday, and accumulated more than 100,000 followers in less than an hour.

This was impressive enough, but perhaps unsurprising given that The X Factor is Britain’s biggest television series, boasting around 13 million viewers. However, Barlow’s announcement didn’t take place on the main show at all – instead, he sent the tweet during follow-up companion show The Xtra Factor, which airs on a different channel with a significantly smaller audience.

Barlow, who is tweeting under the username @gbarlowofficial, made his Twitter debut at 9.14pm (UK).

It was retweeted heavily and his following leapt to more than 20,000 almost immediately. Barlow sent a second message at 9.39pm, and has written his third tweet earlier this morning.

Barlow has now accumulated 280,000 followers in less than 24 hours, and searches for his Twitter feed have become the top trending topic on Google in the UK. Okay, so none of this is quite as impressive as Charlie Sheen’s record-breaking Twitter debut earlier this year, but it’s not bad for a first day’s work.