Los Angeles Journalist Charts Rise of Pugilist ‘PacMan’

The PR bells have started ringing for LA-based journalist Gary Andrew Poole’s sports biography PacMan: Behind the Scenes with Manny Pacquiao – The Greatest Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World, arriving in bookstores Tuesday, November 2nd.

Alongside Poole’s cover story in the November issue of American Airlines’ in-flight magazine American Way, the book gets a review on points at fan site Queensbury-Rules.com and the full TKO thumbs up from OpposingViews.com. There’s also an intriguing piece by Daily Telegraph sports writer Gareth Davies, who recently dined in LA with Poole.

Writes Davies:

Poole has visited Pacquiao’s humble beginnings and charts his rise from poverty to politics. He found Pacquiao’s relationship with his compatriots compelling. “I went to see him in parliament, I went to speak to people who have known him from the beginning. It was staggering wherever we went. Thousands of people followed his every move, kids were hanging from trees in every town square.”

Poole’s book also details how that sense of adulation has translated into a personal entourage that can number into the hundreds. Among the boxer’s devoted stateside followers are a live-in dog walker and the equivalent of a Gatorade sommelier.