Garth Walker is Just Saying No to Helvetica

sayno.jpgIt may be celebrating its 50th anniversary. It may be the only font ever to star in its own film (until they greenlight our Zapf biopic). But tonight Garth Walker will lead an audience at New York’s Type Directors Club (TDC) on a decidedly anti-Helvetica visual journey through the streets and townships of South Africa.

Walker is the founder of Durban-based Orange Juice Design (now owned by Ogilvy) and publisher of the studio’s magazine, i-jusi, which is Zulu for “juice.” In addition to work for such blue-chip clients as Volkswagen and Fanta, Walker has been busy designing a unique typeface and related public signage system for South Africa’s Constitutional Court.

Tonight, according to the TDC, “Garth guarantees he will be showing lettering and vernacular typography (and signage) no one will have seen before, plus an extensive collection of African gravestones.” Ooh, pass the i-jusi! There’s still time to RSVP!