Garth Roberts Brings Pop-Up Design Office to Berlin


Last spring, designer Garth Roberts set up shop in Milan, but the arrangement was far from permanent. In fact, it was Adhoc: Roberts’ project to create a series of transient design ateliers in collaboration with art schools around the world. Now in its earliest days is the second Adhoc office, a collaboration with Germany’s University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. With a staff of about 15 people recruited by Roberts through an open call, the Adhoc Berlin Studio will produce industrial design, graphic design, and environmental design projects for the next three months. They’ll chronicle their experience online, through a blog, Myspace posts, Flickr photos, and youtube videos.

“The intention was not to focus on the output of the pop-up office but to examine the work process, and to take a close look at how the factors of location, culture, and regional industry affect the creative process,” Roberts told Metropolis recently. “Though initially this project was intended for Milan, Berlin, and New York, the concept’s merit has gained some interest and now I am exploring offers for collaborations in cities as such as Vancouver and Hong Kong. It will be nice to work in Asia.”