Garfield Creator Apologizes For Veteran’s Day “Faux Paw”

Apparently there is no humorous link between overweight, lasagna-loving felines and the men and women who gave their lives for our country.  Cartoonist Jim Davis had to learn this lesson the hard way after national papers ran a Garfield strip comparing the death of a spider to a U.S. war casualty.  The AP reported that Davis avoided a potential cat-astrophe by issuing a mea culpa to all offended veterans.

Davis released a statement on his website stating that he completed the strip nearly a year ago and had no idea that it would print on Veteran’s Day.  In addition to referring to Thursday’s publication as “the worst timing ever,” Davis reinforced the coincidental nature of the entire incident:

“It absolutely, positively has nothing to do with this important day of remembrance.”

Davis’s brother served in Vietnam and his son is a Marine who completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These family ties to our nation’s veterans should clear up any doubts cast on Davis’s purr-fessionalism.

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