How Does YOUR Garden Grow? This One Won Gold And Is Powered By Twitter [VIDEO]

Wouldn’t it be great to have a garden that was visible (or not) based on the whim of folks tweeting about it? Possibly not, as Twitter trolls might kill it with ‘unkindness.’

But one optimistic group of folks, with an apparently less-jaded view of Twitter, have put their garden out there and have stunned IRL viewers with the results, bringing home the gold from the Chelsea Flower Show.

Its covering responded to live Twitter activity, changing how the garden appeared at any one time.

This Is Lincolnshire shares the sweet-smelling victory of this Twitter-powered garden. Academics at the University of Lincoln worked with Surrey-based designers Harfleet & Harfleet to bring the idea to life, so to speak.

The garden is divided diagonally by a panelled screen which separates the planting of two distinct zones.

The panelled screen responds in real-time to the buzz of excitement about the Royal Horticultural Society’s centenary spectacular.

Measured by activity on Twitter using the #rhschelsea tag, the inner depths of the garden are only being seen when public excitement is at its peak.

Shaun Lawson, Professor of Social Computing at the University, said: “The garden is an opportunity to explore aspects of how we can interweave social media data with real space, as well as how it is possible to make sense of this data by creating thought-provoking visualisations. . . . The planting inside represents the exotic or unknown immaterial world of the internet, moderated and revealed by our desire for knowledge and interaction.”

The video below doesn’t show much (but we’re sharing it so that you may experience the joy we did in wasting 42 seconds of your life watching it), but this visual does it justice. So gaze upon it and satisfy your “desire for knowledge and interaction:”

And for those fond of annoying themselves, here is the “concept video:”

(Image from Shutterstock)

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