Garden & Guns Blazing

Just three years since the title nearly went under, Garden & Gun magazine is making a great recovery, according to a recent NYTimes article.

Circulation is up 20,000, to a quarter-million, and publisher Barbara Bing thinks that number can double. Meanwhile, 3,000 subscribers are paying premiums of up to $500 a year for access to special events.

It’s a far cry from where the magazine was in 2009, when employees were let go and told they could work as freelancers. Advertisers pulled out, leery of a magazine that had “Gun” in the name. And the articles were so long. Who had time for that?

“You didn’t know if you would be there the next week,” editor-in-chief David DiBenedetto told the Times. When the magazine’s color printer broke, they couldn’t afford to replace it for two months and instead used a nearby Kinko’s.

Since then, cofounder Rebecca Darwin has brought back most of the staff (and replaced the printer, we presume). The magazine may have its first profitable year ever.

We wish the once-scrappy little magazine the best of success.