Gap’s Donald Fisher Doesn’t Need Your Stinkin’ SF MoMA

We’d heard stirrings of this starting last week, but we didn’t have quite the whole story up until the San Francisco Chronicle released their take with “Why Gap Founder Fisher Decided to Build His Own Art Museum.” That Gap is the store and that Fisher is Donald Fisher, who, according to the article, started talking with San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art in hush hush meetings in 2006 about possibly giving them his more than a thousand pieces of near priceless works of art. In the end, he decided that is was just easier to open up his own museum (don’t you find yourself making that decision most of the time too?). So the article gets into why he snubbed the SFMoMA and why, besides answering “just pure and simple vanity,” you’d build your own place. Here’s the quick answer and some details:

For Fisher, after months of discussion and proposals, the decision came down to one thing.

“Our decision to pursue a new museum in the Presidio is about one issue: space,” Fisher said. “Our collection is large enough to require a new building and would otherwise overwhelm many existing institutions, which already have impressive art to display to their visitors.”

Plans for the 100,000-square-foot museum, to be called the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio, must be approved by the seven-member Presidio Trust board. Fisher hopes the museum will open in about three years. It will have 55,000 square feet of gallery space, about 10 percent more than the S.F. Museum of Modern Art’s gallery space.

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