Gannon, Couric & Blitzer Vie for Audience

Washington Whispers’ Paul Bedard gives us an update on Jeff Gannon’s book progress (summary: not much has changed since the last time Gannon gave an update). The book will discuss “what happened to me and why it happened and what it means for the future of journalism.” FishbowlDC can also tell you that Gannon says a portion of the book will focus on hate mail he’s received as a result of his column for the Washington Blade. He’s also going to share tales of how people within the gay-focused newspaper treat the former male escort on a daily basis.

Bedard did give us some news to ponder with his coverage of Katie Couric’s raid on Washington, saying that she’s taking the time before her first big CBS Evening News broadcast to “reintroduce herself to key Republicans and Democrats.” Don’t they know her toothy grin by now? Couric, of course, is trending in Wolf Blitzer territory here, who, Bedard notes, is celebrating his first year as host of the Situation Room. The anchor has apparently lost twenty pounds thanks to the “grueling pace” of the show and the fact that he likes to keep himself well-hydrated. Let’s hear it for water.