Gannett To Pull Plug On, Few Layoffs Expected

Gannett is killing its hyperlocal parenting network, this Friday and deleting all content.

This has upset a number of the moms who actually use MomsLikeMe, with a number of Boycott Gannett threads springing up (here’s just one).

But despite interest, the money wasn’t there, according to Gannett. “After careful review and analysis, we have determined that we cannot scale this product and rather than investing in it further, we believe we are better served redirecting our resources towards the digital efforts where we see greatest opportunity and potential return on our investment,” a memo from Gannett execs said.

Most of the community managers who worked at MomsLikeMe had other responsibilities within Gannett, paidContent reports, so layoffs are likely to be minimal. But, paidContent also notes, Gannett is likely to need to find some personnel cuts before the year’s up due to a decline in advertising; the folks with the suddenly-reduced workloads may be easy targets.