Gannett Layoffs Hit the Washington Bureau

The count is currently at five.

The news of planned layoffs at Gannett from last week feels much more brutal now that actual people have been cut. As reported in Politico’s Morning Media newsletter today, Gannett has laid off five Washington-based employees. They include USA Today Washington assistant managing editor and longtime staffer Craig Schwed, USA Today investigative reporter Tom Frank, USA Today Network Washington editor Val Ellicott.

Washington bureau reporter Brian Tumulty, who writes for six Gannett papers in New York, has been let go, as has Christopher Doering, The Des Moines Register’s Washington correspondent. A Pew report last year that looked at the makeup of the Washington press corps found that the number of correspondents from local newspapers had decreased. Doering’s and Tumulty’s layoffs are the latest to contribute to that trend.