The Intersection of Gaming and Digital Marketing [Infographic]

The growing gaming industry represents a new and promising frontier for digital marketers.

gaming and digital marketing

Gaming and Digital Marketing

Digital ad spending is a booming market. As more traditional media companies realize the value of online marketing — and newer Internet-savvy businesses come into their own — digital advertising has become a more competitive field. Kenshoo, makers of cloud-based predictive media optimization software, have created an infographic demonstrating the intersection of gaming and digital marketing.

When it comes to gaming — social, mobile, console or PC — there are big gains to be made through digital advertising. The media and entertainment industry already spends $5.15 billion on digital ads, and spending is predicted to increase to $8.54 billion by 2018. Overseas markets are expected to account for a big chunk of the profit by 2017.

The Indonesian market is expected to grow by more than 16 percent, and the Middle East and Africa combined will grow in excess of 15 percent. In fact, gaming will grow across all platforms globally. Mobile gamers already account for 150 million of gamers overall, and their ranks are expected to grow to more than 200 million by 2018. All other sectors will increase by at least 10 million gamers during the same time period.

This growth will likely occur in tandem with growth of the gaming market as a whole. In 2013 there were 305 million active gamers in the Americas, which represents 58 percent of all Internet users. Nearly 60 percent of Internet users in EMEA countries are regular gamers, and the Asia Pacific regions saw 44 percent of their 1.1 billion Internet users gaming.

The market for gaming is huge, and digital marketers should think very carefully about which platforms to allocate their budgets to. For more tips on marketing to specific demographics, or the surprisingly high CTR on video game ads, view the infographic below.

gaming and digital marketing