Gamevil’s New iOS Action RPG Advena Clashes Swords on the App Store

South Korean mobile games powerhouse Gamevil has expanded its presence in the RPG field with a new action-focused offering, Advena: Legend of Raiders ($0.99, available now).

“The game is originally designed for feature phones in South Korea, but we’ve redesigned for smartphones,” Gamevil tells Inside Mobile Apps. The company says most of its games going forward starting this quarter will be for smartphones.

Joining the company’s popular Zenonia, Destinia, and illusia franchises on iOS, the game is built on a strong multiplayer foundation, allowing quick, on-the-fly switching between four characters in a quest across 200 stages. Advena also supports player-versus-player and raid gameplay in real-time multiplayer.

Sporting lovely hand-drawn characters and backgrounds, the game is a fantasy action RPG set in the land of Peradin. Its story revolves around two warring states, the Nabe Alliance and Teams. Players take up the sword of a warrior from Nabe, who sets out to defend his land. In doing so, they travel an extensive world map and visit various battle locations, taking on a variety of monsters and enemy troops.

Key to the gameplay is the ability to switch between any of the four playable characters at will. When not in the player’s command, they fight on their own, assisting in battle. The game offers a rich character customization system, with close to 600 costume and armor choices, along with 18 skills that can be levelled up to create unique character classes. Combined with numerous weapons, these elements allow players to build diverse character types, which can be quickly called upon in any combat situation.

Gameplay is fittingly fast-paced, with character actions tied to a virtual directional pad and attack button. Players can move their character left to right, in and out of the play field, jumping to execute brilliant aerial attacks. Stringing together attack combos is important, as it multiplies the amount of experience points players receive for fighting. These points help players level up, which rewards them with points that can be put towards character attributes and skills.

Players can grab coins from fallen foes and use them to purchase new armor, clothes, weapons and other items from vendors in camps. Some enemies will even drop clothing, weapons, and support items such as health replenishing potions.

These helper items can be assigned to quick-access spots at the bottom of the screen, so they can be easily used during combat. In addition to the story-driven campaign, Advena supports “Fight Club” lobbies where players from around the globe can take their characters online to fight one another. Players can also go on raids by hiring their friends’ characters as mercenaries. Doing so actually send rewards to friends upon completion of raids. Gamevil hopes to further monetize Advena through in-app purchases of coins, which can be used towards buying better items.

The company tells Inside Mobile Apps that it has “been noticing [the] usual amount of resistance about the existence of in-app purchases, which applies to most of our games that we’ve launched at a lower price point.” Gamevil points out that “users can clear the game even without in-app purchases, and we plan on supporting them with more ways to collect virtual currency too.”

Gamevil said Advena is a pretty complete game at this point and will probably not have significant updates in the future.

You can follow Advena’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.