Gamevil’s Mark of the Dragon Flies onto iOS, Android

Mark of the DragonGamevil has announced the release of Mark of the Dragon on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Brainz Games, the game sees players building and defending a kingdom while also collecting and breeding dragons to ride during combat. To do so, players create a character based on one of four elements, each with its own advantage during battle.

In Mark of the Dragon, players return from the frontline of battle to their kingdom, which has been destroyed by an evil sorcerer. Users must balance the use of iron and lumber to rebuild their kingdom, focusing both on resource production and storage buildings, as well defensive items like catapults and walls.

Players start with two dragons, and can breed these to unlock more dragons. Users can also summon troops to join their army, before taking their chosen dragons into battle against computer-controlled troops. There are over 130 dragons available to breed and evolve so far.Mark of the DragonDuring battle, players tap on troops and tap on the ground to deploy them. They attack automatically, allowing players to focus on the actions of their dragons. Players can ride their dragons in a first-person perspective during battle, flying over the battlefield and aiming at structures of their choosing. Dragons have both basic and special attacks, with special attacks being required to recharge before additional uses.

Players choose their “mark” as they create a character within the game, with this mark (fire, water, air or earth) impacting the way battles play out. The fire mark, for instance, increases the power of a dragon’s basic attacks, while the water mark makes the attacks of other troops more powerful. The air mark unlocks access to a dragon’s special attacks more often, while the earth mark gives dragons more health points. The game provides both level-based single-player missions and player-vs-player combat encounters.Mark of the DragonPlayers receive free resources as they pillage enemy camps (and sometimes free dragon eggs), and can use these resources to build additional structures at their camp, or upgrade existing buildings to increase their productivity. Players are encouraged to complete both quests and achievements to progress through the game and earn rewards, including premium currency called Amber. This Amber is used to speed up the building or upgrade times of structures, decrease the amount of time required for new dragon eggs to hatch, and so on.

“We thought it would be cool to create a game that allows players to experiment with different combinations and find what they think is the most solid strategy. The dragons are exactly that: different units with powers that players can combine together nicely, giving the player base the freedom to find different permutations that even we didn’t think of,” said Jairo Nieto, chief creative officer of Brainz Games, in a statement.

Mark of the Dragon is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.