Gamevil, Vanilla Breeze bring endless runner Kiwi Dash to iOS


Mobile game company Gamevil has launched its first endless runner of 2014, Kiwi Dash. Developed by Vanilla Breeze, Kiwi Dash sees players unlocking all six members of the Kiwi bird family as they collect lost kiwi fruits and search for totems that have been stolen by a group of mischievous cats.

In each game of Kiwi Dash, players are challenged to run as far as they can from left to right on the screen. While the playable birds run automatically, players can tap on one button to jump, and another to dash.

The duration of the tap on the jump button relates to the height of the jump, while holding it down indefinitely causes the kiwi bird to float through the air. However, birds can only float for a short distance, indicated by the stamina bar in the corner of the screen.

Meanwhile, the dash function allows players to dash through some (but not all) of the game’s enemies and obstacles which would otherwise end the game.


Players collect kiwi fruits scattered around the level, and must jump over pits and avoid missiles as they run. Power-ups like magnets and bonus letters appear at random in each game, and players can spend their collected kiwi fruits like money to unlock better versions of these boosts. These power-ups include larger stamina bars and even additional playable birds (each with their own strengths). A pink bird, for instance, sees players collecting bonus kiwi fruit on each run.

Facebook connectivity allows players to compare their high scores with friends, and players are further incentivized to keep playing via the addition of a mission system that challenges them to reach high scores or collect large amounts of fruit.

Kiwi Dash is now available to download on iOS. You can follow the game on our app and developer tracking service AppData.