Gamevil Passes 400 Million Downloads, Launches Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

kritika 650

Mobile games company Gamevil has passed 400 million downloads on mobile devices, up from 300 million downloads last July. This new milestone comes alongside the release of the company’s newest game, Kritika: Chaos Unleashed. The game sees players choosing from characters like Berserkers or Cat Acrobats (with more types coming soon), before taking them into a world full of enemies to defeat.

In Kritika: Chaos Unleashed, the world has been taken over by a tyrant, and gamers must defeat his army to save the day. The title’s hack-n-slash gameplay sees users clearing environments using a combination of a virtual joystick for movement and a large button to attack. In addition to basic attacks, users have access to skills for super attacks, potions for healing, and so on.

The story mode is level-based, and offers multiple difficulty options for combat. At the end of each level, players are presented with a letter grade depending on their performance and completion time. Rewards are up for grabs as well, including new gear, crafting materials and more.

Levels cost energy to complete, but this recharges automatically over time, or can be purchased in the in-game shop. Other possible purchases include those for premium items, like weapons, in the game’s store.

As a player’s character gains experience points, they’ll unlock more skills, which can be assigned to a limited number of hotkey slots during battle. Skills themselves can be leveled up with free currency, giving users control over their character’s unique fighting style.

A chest system also plays a large role in the experience. Gamers earn keys at random while playing, and can open chests with varying rarity levels as they play. The basic bronze chests may contain equally common loot items, or a key to a silver chest. These silver chests may contain gold keys and more valuable items, and so on. Chests can be upgraded as well, increasing the quality of goods, or the chance to receive higher quality goods from those chests going forward.

Outside of these story missions, players can test their skills in Rival Matches, or in Endless Waves challenges, which may reward gamers with lots of in-game gold for their performance.

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is now available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.