Gamevil Launches Free Pictionary-Style Game Chalk ‘n’ Talk on Android

Pictionary-inspired games seem to be making a comeback at the moment, with On5 relaunching its Charadium series on iOS last week, and now Korean developer Gamevil bringing social draw-and-guess action to Android devices in the form of Chalk ‘n’ Talk — a game which has been available for iOS devices since the latter part of last year.

Chalk ‘n’ Talk is a real-time social game where players compete against each other and the clock to either sketch various words in pictorial format, or to guess whatever the artist is trying to represent. Points earned — known as Seeds — aren’t just for bragging rights. They’re also used to unlock additional brush and canvas styles, or to purchase gifts for friends. Unlike On5’s Charadium II for iOS, which reserves advanced painting tools and a larger color palette for paying customers, Chalk ‘n’ Talk is free to play with most of the special drawing and painting tools able to be earned through regular play, though the app also comes in a paid ad-free version on iOS.

The app is monetized through a premium currency of Flowers. These can be purchased with real money, and can be used to “rent” certain brushes and canvases for a period of a week or a year. They can also be exchanged for extra Seeds or spent on services such as changing the player’s nickname and featuring their artwork in the Daily or Weekly galleries.

The game is inherently social. It can be played solo for practice and creations uploaded to the Gallery facility, but the game is intended to be played live with other players or friends. When playing live, players have a time limit in which to draw the word or guess what the artist is attempting to show. Leaving the game early is discouraged by penalizing players Seeds, though unfortunately there’s no means to stop players spoiling the point of the game somewhat by simply writing out the words that people are trying to guess.

The game uses Gamevil’s own proprietary Gamevil Live service to manage its online features, allowing for cross-platform play between iOS and Android players. It’s possible to build up a list of friends and play private games if players find the public rooms frustrating, and the Gallery feature allows the community to view, rate and comment on others’ creations.

“Chalk n’ Talk combines mobile, social and real-time aspects into a unique drawing and word game experience” said Kyu Lee of Head of GAMEVIL USA. “We’re excited to connect friends and families from around the world in a social game that they can play together whenever and wherever they want.”