Gamesys celebrates first Here Be Monsters community wedding


UK-based game developer Gamesys has shared some heartwarming news from its Facebook MMO Here Be Monsters. The game has celebrated its first “community wedding,” as Lisa and Chris of Olympia, WA have tied the knot. To celebrate the wedding, the developer commissioned a Here Be Monsters cake for the couple [pictured below], which included the players’ avatars as sculptures on the top.

Here Be Monsters is described as a game for lovers of “Animal Crossing, Pokemon and FarmVille.” It places players in the role of a trapper at the Ministry of Monsters, who must catch and cure infected creatures. Users build a homestead and craft bait to lure new monsters, with over 100 monsters available for collection so far.

“We both play Here Be Monsters and became friends last summer even though we lived several hundred miles apart,” the couple said. “We will always be grateful to the makers of Here Be Monsters for creating the virtual world in which we met.”

Gamesys is understandably excited by the news. “Everybody on the Here Be Monsters team sends a huge congratulations to Lisa and Chris on their wedding!” added Michael Heywood, Executive Producer of Here Be Monsters. “Seeing players form communities and relationships in the game makes us all very proud, and we’re very glad to have played a small part in their happiness.”

Here Be Monsters is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.