Brings Roulette to Facebook

RouletteOkay, don’t deny it. You’ve thought about winning big in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or even on a casino ship. Maybe you don’t always act on those gambling urges, but it can’t be denied that winning is fun, and winning money is even better. Here’s the thing about gambling though: While luck is critical, there is strategy involved and that is what a number of gamers find most fun (well… and the whole winning cash thing).

One of the more popular casino games is roulette (you know the game where you spin a dial and drop a ball into it and see where it lands?). It’s pretty simple and fun to play, and that is exactly what the Facebook title, Roulette, from is about.

The game is very well made and emulates the real deal astoundingly well (save the mob of people bunched around the table). The game generously starts you off with $10,000, which you’re probably going to need depending on your luck. The rules are the same as real roulette: place your bets on the numbers you want, on black, red, odds, even, etc, and let the wheel spin.

Beginner SuiteAs you progress and win money, you get a nice little suite all to yourself as well, which is upgraded (or downgraded) depending on how much money you have. As this is a Facebook game, you share and show off your “winnings” (your suite) to your friends. Since you cannot win any real money (yet, anyway), this is the primary reward for playing as well as the differentiating social feature beyond challenges and player rankings.

Roulette also looks very clean and polished. It really does feel like a real roulette table, and is definitely up there as far as nice looking apps go. Unfortunately, there are some bugs still in it, primarily with sound. Apparently every time you rank up or down (from gaining or loosing money), the game starts repeating an obnoxious clicking sound that just won’t go away, and will multiply if you rank up again.

Regardless, the game is still an excellent game, and the best part – it is just about being a good game.