Games, Television, & News Enter The Top of iOS’ Free App Charts

Not all of the new developers and applications breaking into the Apple app charts are paid apps. As such, so we wanted to give some attention to the newest free apps (within the last two weeks, roughly) to break into the App Store’s top 25 free apps list for both the iPhone and iPad devices. Here is what we found:

New Titles Within Top 25 iPhone Free Apps List

Paper Toss: World Tour — The popular Paper Toss: World Tour has been made free, and has shot the application up to #5 on the iPhone free apps lists. Developed by Backflip Studios, a young company (started in 2009) based out of Colorado, the game involves the using of simple swiping motions to shoot wads of paper into a trash can, against exotic, international back drops. The game is monetized by an in-app purchase, of $0.99, that removes advertisements. Backflip is also known for other titles such as the original Paper Toss, NinJump, and Mahjongg Dimensions. The app has been out since March 11th.

KartRider Rush — MapleStory creator Nexon (specifically NexonMobile) as found its way onto the free apps list with KartRider Rush at #9; released March 12th. Nexon, as a whole, has been around since 1995 and was one of the first developers to venture into freemium monetization methods. As such, this new iPhone, Mario Kart’esque, racing game is monetized in such a way, selling Bundles of race tracks, characters, andracing karts. KartRider Rush noted the porting of this game to both iOS and Facebook early last week.

Battle for Cydonia Free — Released March 7th, the #10 free app is Battle for Cydonia Free from Brisk Mobile Games. The gaming branch of wireless solutions provider Brisk Mobile, who has developed content for iOS, Blackberry, and Android devices since 2o08. As for the game, this path-drawing action-adventure shooter puts players into the pilot’s seat of a futuristic mech as they gun down enemies on the surface of Mars. Monetization-wise, the game earns its keep by offering the in-app purchases of a new game mode (Survival) and an extra mission pack.

Daybreak Heroes — Daybreak Heroes is a fairly new app (released March 6th) that sneaks its way in at #22. A bizarre role-playing game where players take on even stranger villains as a teenage superhero of their making, the game is monetized through the purchase of virtual goods and currency. Offers for earning free currency are also available. The title is developed by Veiled Games, a small company out of Minneapolis.

New Titles Within Top 25 iPad Free Apps List

TWCable TV — The new #1 free app for iPad is actually from a television company, Time Warner Cable. TWCable TV is digital television app that allows Time Warner Cable video subscribers to watch their favorite television shows direct from their iPad device. The second largest multiple service provider in the U.S. this app, having been released March 15th, marks yet another move towards the intertwining of Internet, TV, and mobile.

TODAY for iPad — More television comes to the iPadfree apps list at #10 with TODAY for iPad. From media conglomerate MSNBC, a digital network of well known news brands such as NBC Sports,  Meet The Press, and Nightly News, the new app brings the over half-a-century old morning news program, TODAY, to mobile. The application provides access to all recent stories and segments from the show as well as grants the user the ability to share them through Facebook and Twitter.

Paper Toss: World Tour HD — Backflip Studios comes up on our radar again with Paper Toss: World Tour HD. Older than the iPhone version (from March 2nd), the app-made-free monetizes itself by removing advertisements via an in-app purchase. Also, like the iPhone rendition, players shoot paper balls into trash cans around the world, but this time, its in HD. The iPad title is currently #12 on the free apps charts.

Zite — More news appears on the list at #14. Released March 9th, Zite, from Zite Inc., the app is a digital magazine that allows users to view personalized news and media from a wide variety of websites. Additionally, the app can be synched up with both a Twitter and Google Reader account. All content is also sharable via Twitter and Facebook. Based out of Vancouver, the company has already reported over 100,000 downloads of the new (and only) app in less than a week.