IF Games Releases Perils of Man: Episode 1 on iOS

Swiss independent studio IF Games has announced the launch of its point-and-click adventure game Perils of Man: Episode 1 on iOS devices. Co-created by ex-LucasArts game designer Bill Tiller, the overall Perils of Man saga will contain seven chapters, but Episode 1 provides the first three to players. The story’s first chapter was released on iOS as a free, standalone app earlier this year.

In Perils of Man, players follow Ana, the daughter of a missing scientist, on a quest to discover the reason for his disappearance. The game introduces players to a long family line of scientists, who have discovered a power that can prevent all uncertainty. Ana will travel back in time to key events in her family’s history, but she’ll ultimately have to decide if “perfect predictability” in life is a blessing, or a curse.

As a point-and-click adventure game, users tap on the screen to move their character around environments, and can tap and hold to reveal all hotspots available for interaction. From there, players tap on each hotspot to pick up key items or trigger a bit of dialog from characters (with complete voice work). The game technically has a linear progression system, but users can investigate hotspots in the order they’d like.Perils of ManPuzzles also become available as players progress, asking users to collect key items and information, and use those to complete tasks elsewhere in the game. Furthermore, some in-depth conversations give players dialog options, so they can choose to converse as much, or as little, as they’d like with other characters.

All-told, each Episode of Perils of Man is said to give players 2-3 hours of gameplay. The game features 24 different environments for exploration, throughout both present time and eras of the past.

Perils of Man: Episode 1 is available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store. Owners will receive a free upgrade to the full saga of seven episodes upon the launch of Episode 2, aimed for December 2014.