Games, Movies, iTunes and State of the Union in This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

A few of Zynga’s top games — Texas Hold’em Poker and Mafia Wars — topped this week’s list of Top 20 Facebook Pages while movies, food, television, politics-related sites and iTunes rounded out the rest of the list, tracking growth from Monday, January 25 to Monday, February 1.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1.Texas Hold’em Poker9,173,597+1,067,004+13.16
2.Mafia Wars7,173,222+279,825+4.06
4.Official Avatar Movie1,227,453+118,435+10.68
5.When In Rome158,858+111,796+237.55
8.The Artifice2,007,978+79,875+4.14
10.Manny Villar488,645+66,118+15.65
11.Jersey Shore771,069+62,306+8.79
12.Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III524,277+58,946+12.67
13.Dear John861,728+56,933+7.07
15.Barack Obama7,300,651+54,943+0.76
18.The Buried Life167,502+45,756+37.58
19.Victoria’s Secret2,574,338+45,136+1.78

Texas Hold’em Poker was in first place this week, followed by Mafia Wars in second place — the latter likely grew due to the wide release of Mafia Wars Bangkok last week. In third place was Oreo, which was giving out free cookies until last Monday. Its Wall was pretty active with happy and disappointed Oreo fans.

In fourth place was the movie “Avatar,” which ruled the box offices for the seventh weekend in a row with $30 million. The movie has also surpassed James Cameron’s last blockbuster, “Titanic,” to become the highest-grossing film in history. Another movie, the romantic comedy “When In Rome,” saw a surge of 91,000 fans on Friday when it premiered, and had been maintaining an active Wall with polls and videos of the stars speaking directly to Facebook fans.

Further on down the list were the movies “Dear John” at 13, which premieres this Friday and has seen steady growth moving towards that date. And, oddly, at the bottom of the list at number 20 was the “Twilight” Facebook page which. It was likely aided by Facebook consolidating pages — it grew by 23,000 new fans on January 31. But fans appear to still be excited, with “Twilight: The New Moon” movie going on pre-sale January 26.

Coca-Cola’s Facebook page landed the number 6 spot this week, likely due to the launch last week of a virtual gift of Coca-Cola that doubles as a $1 donation for the Boys & Girls Club, a non-profit benefiting children. This charitable gift is also a part of Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl campaign; as of Monday more than 41,000 of these gifts had been sent from the company’s Facebook page.

Facebook’s page landed the number 7 spot, followed by the much-hyped “The Artifice” and number 8, and the television show “Glee” at number 9, probably the result of its general popularity combined with some high profile wins at an award show last week. Another TV show, “Jersey Shore,” landed eleventh this week, helped in part by a surge of 22,000 fans on January 31 — likely helped by page consolidation — but probably also helped by appearances by stars at award shows and the inertia of a deal on a second season. Towards the bottom another TV show, “The Buried Life,” took the number 18 spot only a few weeks after premiering on MTV on January 18.

At 10 and 12 were Philippine politicians Manny Villar and Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III, respectively. These two are running for president in the Philippines and have been neck-in-neck for Facebook fans leading up to the May 10 election.