Games, mobile, Adele, Adidas, Google, ‘The Simpsons,’ more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

This week games grew quite a bit on our list of Facebook pages with the most new Likes. With the social network removing app profile pages on Wednesday, many game pages are being consolidated and seeing massive single-day spikes.

A few mobile pages, Snaptu and Nokia, as well as musicians, TV, movies, and big brands like Adidas, McDonald’s, Google and Facebook also took top spots. Pages on our list this week grew from between 616,900 to 7.8 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

Name Likes Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1.  Happy Aquarium 8,534,594 -1,114 +7,811,629
2.  Snaptu 6,353,083 +1,873,571 +6,083,609
3.  Bingo Blitz 2,467,251 +410,510 +2,215,906
4.  Adele 15,863,146 +184,858 +1,578,528
5.  Nokia 6,680,947 +37,618 +1,433,068
6.  The Treasure Madness Club 1,405,816 -164 +1,353,933
7.  Jeremy Irvine 1,319,540 -350 +1,302,987
8.  Angry Birds 13,732,208 +150,659 +1,172,122
9.  adidas 4,295,571 +75,864 +1,037,988
10.  YouTube 51,130,216 +116,064 +903,364
11.  Friend Cameo Video Chat 1,076,086 +109 +889,056
12.  Marc Anthony 1,054,420 +46,343 +874,440
13.  Titanic 14,448,032 +119,780 +869,267
14.  Facebook 59,965,043 +110,948 +851,298
15.  Bruno Mars 17,328,185 +105,872 +829,843
16.  McDonald’s 14,324,406 +110,772 +816,501
17.  Will Smith 25,363,582 +120,978 +739,522
18.  Bob Marley 35,099,318 +87,889 +670,250
19.  Google 6,111,255 +97,638 +621,761
20.  The Simpsons 38,794,144 +84,671 +616,882

As mentioned, games topped our list, with Happy Aquarium taking the No. 1 spot with 7.8 million new Likes this week. Bingo Blitz followed with 2.2 million new Likes, offering special tips and offers to users who Liked the page. Then there was The Treasure Madness Club, Angry Birds and Friend Cameo Video Chat, a group video chat site, which appeared to make the list due to a page consolidation. There were a pair of mobile-related pages that made the list, Snaptu with 6 million new Likes, it appeared to be a page consolidation. Then there was Nokia, with 1.4 million new Likes, passing 6.6 million, in what appeared to be a response to marketing of its new phone.

Musicians made the list too, with Adele growing her page to 15.8 million. Marc Anthony’s page looked like it  grew as a result of the page consolidation. Bruno Mars picked up about 830,000 Likes while he’s on tour this week. Will Smith has been in the headlines for personal and professional reasons, picking up 739,500 Likes, and the enduring popularity of Bob Marley pushed his page past 35 million Likes.

Actor Jeremy Irvine made the list of what appeared to be a page consolidation. Adidas seems to be gaining traction with the new campaign for its shoes. YouTube, Facebook and “Titanic,” continue to make significant organic gains. McDonald’s marketed its new products and fresh food with several campaigns, Google heavily promoted its political coverage, and finally, the ever popular TV show “The Simpsons” closed out the list as it pushes close to 40 million Likes.