Games, Games and Sort-Of Games on This Week’s List of Top Emerging Facebook Apps

Our AppData list of top emerging Facebook apps (those still under a million users) is dominated this week by games. We find ourselves saying that quite often, but it’s true to an extraordinary degree this time around; there are only two differences between the list below and the one we’ve published over on Inside Social Games, where you can go to get your gaming data fix.

It certainly seems that the odds are on the side of developers who, if not actually making a game, at least classify their app as a game when it’s released. Facebook certainly isn’t very strict about its categories. See if you can pick out the non-game apps:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Okey Oyna615,426+433,066+70.37
2. Roulette Madness674,511+426,778+63.27
3. Translations371,412+367,381+98.91
4. Capitales del mundo!417,043+345,884+82.94
5. Poker Madness637,020+284,849+44.72
6. Funflow562,407+252,157+44.84
7. VIP Challenge356,940+245,676+68.83
8. Bubble Island507,703+244,301+48.12
9. Tiki Resort642,849+242,850+37.78
10. Mahjongg Dimensions400,042+194,804+48.70
11. Enchanted Island434,004+188,209+43.37
12. Jewel Puzzle 2308,492+184,640+59.85
13. Collect Roses494,110+175,433+35.50
14. Jumping Dog374,632+168,264+44.91
15. SuperPocus560,688+159,048+28.37
16. 快打之王654,065+155,261+23.74
17. Farkle 2416,135+153,051+36.78
18. Absolute Solitaire245,845+143,286+58.28
19. Fashion City320,947+136,587+42.56
20. Horoscope du Jour325,347+131,071+40.29

Translations, of course, is very plainly not a game; it’s Facebook’s attempt to crowd-source the translation of its platform into all the world’s languages. But its appearance here appears to be based on some errors in Facebook’s reporting, rather than a sudden invasion of polyglots.

In keeping with the international theme, the next app is Capitales del mundo!, a Spanish-language app. Although it’s listed as a game and appears to have gaming elements, its true game appears to be forcing new users to allow it to post to their walls, hence the growth. According to user reviews, the app couldn’t even be bothered to list the correct world capitals, its advertised purpose.

Funflow, by, has showed up three weeks in a row. It’s a catalogue app for the company’s games. Again, not a game itself, but not very far off. This type of app is becoming more common as web gaming companies with large portfolios move onto Facebook; the prototypical example is the quite large MindJolt Games.

Moving down past a number of pure games, we find Collect Roses, which has levels, but is otherwise just a gifting app. Users seem to enjoy it, though.

Finally, at the very end of the list we have Horoscope du Jour. Each day, of course, requires its own horoscope, although only 14 percent of users seem to come back for it. Still, that’s a pretty good percentage for this type of app. As you will have picked up from the name, it’s in French.