GamerDNA Reaches the 500,000 Mark

Recently, announced a major milestone of 500,000 gamer quizzes taken on the site. For those unfamiliar with GamerDNA, it provides a social platform for gamers and aggregates their game play histories from popular networks such as Xbox Live, Xfire, and Steam to display gaming information and make recommendations. Of course, these are all features that have been seen and done before on many social gaming platforms. However, the key difference for GamerDNA is not the end result, but rather the means they utilize to acquire it. This is where the gamer quizzes come into play.

In addition to the aggregation of game histories, users are able to take any of four quizzes that uniquely determine their “gamer personality,” and provides them with a truly unique identity. One of the more popular quizzes, for example, is the “Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology” that deals with the massively multiplayer online (MMO) demographic. The user is then provided with about 30 questions that asks them questions that warrant situational responses within a MMO game. As you progress through the quiz, the system makes pithy and entertaining comments about your choices and once finished, you are presented with a horoscope-like title and description such as “Achiever – No goal unfinished!”

In addition to the mini-horoscope, an even more detailed break down of your gamer identity is provided. For the Bartle Test, it is broken up into six sections that display the strengths and weaknesses within your gamer psyche. Moreover, you can view the user breakdown of the four major MMO personalities such as “Explorer” or “Socializer,” thus giving you curious insight as to what percentage of the user population in which you reside.

This detailed analysis of your personality is the key attraction to the GamerDNA site. Most social platforms of this nature will base recommendations via your game history or perhaps the genre of game(s) the system sees you playing. However, before even signing up for anything, the GamerDNA system will make recommendations based directly on the quiz results. Furthermore, the user is also presented with other people of the same personality title and can also see what games they are playing.

Currently, beyond the MMO Bartle Test, users can also discover their gamer personality and identity as it stands for first-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy (RTS), and the “Influence Quiz.” Each of the quizzes are equally interesting and fun to work through, and all provide a curious look inside the gamer mind.

Even though the gaming social platform is a rather saturated area in present days, GamerDNA offers something beyond what most of the market holds. There are many places where people can go to view gamer stats, see game recommendations, and record play history, but there are not nearly as many that offer such fun and detailed ways to delve into your own psyche. And now with the acquisition of 500,000 milestone, users can expect to see even more quizzes, more tools, and more gamer information within the next few months.