GamePro And To Fold So Company Can Focus On Custom Projects

IDG is folding Gamepro and, together one of the oldest and largest video game magazines, minonline reported Thursday. shuts down at noon today, but the brand will live on as a “channel” on, but the staff (none of whom, as far as we know, were laid off) will begin to focus on custom publishing products as the retooled GamePro Custom Solutions Group, min said. In the past, GamePro had worked on hint books, trade show media, and so forth, and presumably intends to continue in that more profitable vein.

Mike Kisseberth, president and CEO, PC World Communications and Mac Publishing, said in a statement that “GamePro, like all businesses, must keep up with the industry changes and economic realities. [GamePro president] Marci [Yamaguchi Hughes] and her colleagues have tremendous expertise in the games arena, and now they will be putting that knowledge to work for the brands that gamers love.”

Random point of trivia from Kotaku: In the early days, GamePro disguised its lack of writers by giving its staffers fake comic-book-style names and avatars. Eventually, even after it had a decent-sized staff, the avatars stuck, and in 2002, the company put out action figures based on the writers’ avatars. “Unsurprisingly, the figures were a compete disaster,” Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett says.