Gamenauts working to bring Asian indie mobile games to Western markets

Today, Gamenauts announced it’s beginning a publishing program that will bring titles from Asian independent mobile game developers to Western Markets.

The publishing initiative will see Gamenauts provide funding, support at each step of development for art and gameplay, marketing and monetization analysis. On top of this, every partner developer will maintain ownership of its IP.

When asked why developers would want to go with Gamenauts instead of a larger group like Tencent or GREE, CEO Stanley Adrianus tells us “we’re still nimble enough that we can function as an integral part of the development team with the added perspective of a fellow developer.”

Adrianus is able to provide us with a recent example of the game Nuclear Outrun from Nerdook Publications on its upcoming game Nuclear Outrun. The developer was working to port the game to mobile platforms but didn’t have the necessary resources for the project, so Gamenauts brought in Nightspade (another Asia-based developer) to assist with the port. Meanwhile, Gamenauts also worked with an art studio to revamp the game’s graphics; the publisher funded the entire process from start to finish.

Gamenauts already brought out Indonesia-based Menara Games’ Ninja Fishing for iOS and Android. The game was launched in Indonesia back in August 2011, and reached the No. 7 position on the Top Paid Apps chart. That December, the game was turned into a freemium title that managed to rack up 10 million downloads across iOS and Android.

Starting early next year Gamenauts will be publishing games from Malaysia-based Nerdook Productions and Kurechii Studio, as well as Artlogic Games from Indonesia. The company will also continue working with Menara Games.

Although the company is currently partnering with developers from Malaysia and Indonesia, CEO Stanley Adrianus tells us Gamenauts is open to working with developers from other Asian regions.

Developers interested in working with Gamenauts can contact them directly via email.