Gamenauts, Kurechii Studio announce King’s League: Odyssey for iOS

Image via Gamenauts, Kurechii Studio

Gamenauts and Kurechii Studio have announced the upcoming iOS release of the hit flash game King’s League: Odyssey. The game is in the top three for strategy titles on Kongregate, and was the winner of the platform’s April 2013 Game of the Month award. The iOS port will offer mobile gamers exclusive features, not found in the original flash game.

King’s League: Odyssey sees players training recruits in different classes with 40 character classes being available in all. They’ll take these characters through Leagues that increase in difficulty over time, as they work to earn the ‘honor of the kingdom.’ There are four leagues to master in total, each with its own quest line.

The game allows players to collect recruits and train them while in-game time is passing between leagues and battles. Different training regimens can alter different character stats, allowing for players to focus on just increasing character hit points or intelligence, as examples.

Image via Gamenauts, Kurechii Studio

Once in battle, characters attack each other automatically, so success comes down to the number of combatants on each team, combined with the training players have completed in between battles.

Unlike the standard version of the game, the iOS release will contain new dungeons, characters, enemies, quests and updated HD graphics, along with a mobile-exclusive “final boss.” The game will offer three difficulty levels, and Game Center integration will support leaderboards and achievements.

King’s League: Odyssey will be released on November 14 for $1.99. Check back soon to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

Watch a trailer for King’s League: Odyssey below.