Gameloft’s iOS FPS Modern Combat 3 Blows Up on the App Store

Gameloft has become known for iOS titles that bear more than a little resemblance to console blockbusters like Uncharted and Halo — some of which even launch to coincide with the genuine articles. Now with Battlefield 3 from EA on shelves and Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 due within days, the publisher has released Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, its homage to the military first-person shooter, for iPhone and iPad.

Set in modern military theaters from the U.S. to the Middle East, the game casts players as an American soldier equipped with cutting edge firearms, explosives, and gear. Gameloft has ramped up the gameplay for this installment with new mission types to mix up the constant shooting, including levels that play out from inside 4×4 vehicles and helicopters, as well as escort and demolition duties. The levels themselves feature more scripted moments to add to the cinematic experience, such as collapsing buildings and ambushes. Other improvements include the ability for players to slide and sprint.

Complementing the 13 mission single-player campaign is a full featured online multiplayer mode utilizing Game Center. The game supports 12 players simultaneously in a variety of match types, including capture the flag and team deathmatch — there are seven modes in all. The multiplayer action unfolds on six maps designed specifically for online play. In addition to performing well to rank on global leader boards, players earn points that can go toward customizing their weapons for use in multiplayer, making them more accurate and lethal in the process.

The game, a universal app, sells for $6.99. It features nearly a dozen in-app purchases designed to aid players in the multiplayer mode by accelerating the customization of their weapons. These purchases range from the $1.99 Starter Pack to the $49.99 Phantom Pack. According to the App Store’s IAP chart for the title, the Starter Pack is currently its best-selling add-on, followed by the $4.99 Survival Kit.

Launched on October 27, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is currently the No. 10 paid gaming app on iPhone on the iPod touch and the No. 5 paid gaming app on iPad. It’s also the top grossing iPhone or iPod touch app overall at present, and the No. 3 top grossing iPad app.

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